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Lawlet Measuring Syringe Applicator

Using the Lawley Measuring Syringe

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Using the Lawley Measuring Syringe Correctly

To successfully measure the cream without having it go everywhere patients MUST

  • Unscrew the cap on the tube
  • Remove the metal foil seal.
  • GENTLY squeeze the tube so cream comes to the opening aperture, but not out of the tube
  • Insert the syringe measure fully into the opened nozzle – the tip of the tube should now be in cream. There should be a snug fit between the opening of the tube and the tip of the syringe.
  • Invert the tube with syringe still in the nozzle so gravity plays its part
  • Then slowly withdraw the plunger so suction draws the cream into the barrel of the syringe. If there is any resistance to filling then GENTLY squeeze the tube to assist flow. This is the bit where patients go horribly wrong and expect the squeezing to get the cream to flow – it’s the suction of the plunger that does it so please make sure you do it in the right order otherwise it’s a mess.
  • If there are any air bubbles, over fill past the required mark then depress the plunger back to the prescribed dose and the cream will easily go back into the tube.
  • Separate the syringe and tube and reseal tube with cap.

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