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Lawlet Measuring Syringe Applicator

Using the Lawley Measuring Syringe

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Contact Lawley Direct

Lawley Direct has a highly trained, experienced and competent staff plus a specialist hormone pharmacist on duty Monday – Friday willing to answer any customer queries.

Head Office

Lawley Direct Head Office is located at:

Ground Floor, Unit 2 / 15a Harrogate Street
West Leederville, Perth
Western Australia 6007

Tel: (08) 9388 0096
Fax:(08) 9388 0098

Toll Free Numbers

Toll free phone: 1800 627 506
Toll free fax: 1800 751 275

Customer Service

Customers please call (08) 9388 0096
All customers can contact us by email

Medical Questions

If you have a medical question and wish to speak with a pharmacist, please dial 1800 627 506
or (08) 9388 0096.

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